Christian Strixner

Welcome to “Split the cane”.

First of all I’d like to introduce myself.

My name is Christian Strixner.Christian Strixner in der Werkstatt

As a young boy I chased trout in the small creeks of my home and after a successful raid with friends the prey was put on a campfire and roasted beyond recognition. However, as a result of the fishing examinations – which are compulsory in Germany -the poacher of my youth left and I became a decent young fisherman with flyfishing ambitions. Over twenty years has passed since I held my first flyrod and since then the fascination of flyfishing hasn’t left my mind. Haven’t you had a similar experience?

Very early on I began making my own rods. As young boys we fished with cane and we were quite proud of them. This could possibly be the reason for finding myself together once more with this fascinating material. Nowadays I make purely handcrafted split cane fly rods following traditional methods. My education as a cabinet maker and my love for timber and natural materials has inspired me. Working with materials such as cane, timber and cork is wonderful and in the workshop it takes me to the places where I’d like to be – the outdoors –the places of my childhood and to other places where our planet is still in balance.

See here a video about my rods made by my friend Carl McNeil: